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Good job on this. I'm learning flash and I can't help but be a little jealous.

Hmm, well to start while the premise has been used and abused through out the decade there is nothing inherently wrong with doing something even though a lot of people have done it before you. My issue resides in the animation and the story you told. The animation was awkward in some spaces and the background was so choppy that in the running sequence I could barely pay any attention. The story is another thing. I do like that you kept it concise in the author's box (Sonic vs. Goku). The story told though is one that doesn't fit Sonic. He's not the aggressive sort unless it's racing. He responds with violence but he is never one to start it. Goku is the inverse as he likes to fight but not to kill. So having Goku kill Sonic in a fight that Sonic started was a tad off. Lastly, Super Sonic is weaker than Kaio-Ken Goku? What?

I've wanted to review this for a while but, I just started the account.
Let me first start by saying I grew up liking Kirbopher's Parody Rangers. Even so, I noticed tjat when ever Rina-Chan does a voice they blend together. I began to find her detestable and it culminated with Brawl Taunts 3. I laughed at Brawl Taunts when I was younger, I chuckled at Brawl Taunts 2, but 3 was shit on top of faggotry and lame in jokes.

This flash serves as a reproach to Rina-Chan the Alaskan White Whale. I don't care if I never make it as a VA i'd never want to put out anything as shit in quality as anything Rina-Chan touches as a writer.
10/10 5/5 and God Speed Gentlemen.

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Of this track I've not much to say. It's becoming your average. It's much better than your former average so indeed you have improved. Now push through. Don't become stagnant.

1000kamikaze responds:

Definitely taking heed to that

lol the first thing to come to mind was Mamba No. 5. You remember that. As the loop progressed I couldn't decide if it was a character selection screen, an options menu, a starter level with grass and hills, or a robotic level in the idea of the Robotnik levels in Sonic 2-3. The piece stands alone as one of your better works and I definitely see the progression.
Yet, this song lacks definition, now maybe that's what you wanted but, I know it's quite offputting.

Before the drums came in it had a sort of Bebop/OutlawStar quality to it. Ethereal, not of this realm. The drums while humanizing or at least demystifying the beat, cause it to lose much of the emotion attached to it as it comes of less passionate and more abrasive. The drums overpower the subtle nuances and thus rob the song of a lot of the inherent serenity. That said. it still is a very good work. Just not at it's full potential in my eyes.

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Very well drawn. Shines in awkward places though.

Hi everyone. I'm Sunny. The comedian/wrestler/ac tor/voice actor/writer/musicia n/fuck-it-just-say-e ntertainer. I'm new to voice work but, hopefully I'm not too bad. I'm looking forward to a lot of projects and hopefully a lot of laughs along the way.

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